• Our Pinwydd Socks reflect the beauty of pine by means of a chromatic abstraction.The pine is one of the oldest trees in the world, reaching to live even more than 4000 years. In this way, we have the desire to transfer these qualities to our socks, using resistance and durable Egyptian cotton. 

    We use five yarns of different colours to create a unique combination where the yellow prevails. Furthermore, we add bordeaux, white, and two shades of green. It is a great combination for rustic boots. 

  • - High quality Egyptian cotton

    - Skin-friendly cotton

    - Optimum durability  

    - Pilling resistance

    - Excellent perspiration 

    - Pressure-free comfort

    - Elastically knit

  • -Combed cotton 96%
    -Polyamide 3%
    -Elastane 1%

Forest Collection: High quality socks for adventurous men

Forest collection invites you to immerse yourselves in the purest nature thanks to a multicoloured and high quality sock line for adventurous men. We produce an original multicoloured thread from a mix of five different coloured yarns which has important presence in nature. From the beautiful turquoise lakes to the reddish wood, including radiant sunbeams. 

In our search to recover old dressmaking techniques, we use traditional wide gauge machines to produce these socks. They create an open knit that allows all the colours combinations to be seen, ensuring the uniqueness of each sock. 

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