by Manuel Taboada Nogueira

In our constant quest to improve the quality of our socks and the satisfaction of our customers Thunders Love have introduced a new material to our socks, recycled cotton.

The cotton recycling process is carried out in Spain, with leftovers of cotton from the textile industry. To make this type of cotton, no chemical products, such as chlorine and aggressive agents for the environment, are used at all, as the colors are created from the original process. To produce conventional cotton a lot of water is used in collecting and processing it, recycled cotton does not need water in its production.
We have selected this material to make a very special collection and we have named it the "recycled" collection, it is a very special collection because we use an "ordered thread" technique to produce it.

Thunders Love socks True Camel Recycled collection

The “ Ordered thread” technique consists of applying, finer threads of vibrant colors into the socks and applying thicker lighter colours to the outer part, creating a unique effect, which gives a veiled appearance, in which part of the fibers of the interior can be glimpsed from the outside.
We have decided to stitch the sock in a straightforward manner so all the emphasis is on the colours and a fit that hugs the leg, introducing the traditional elastic knit in the upper part of the sock without forgetting the usual reinforcement in the heel and the tip.


Thunders Love socks True Camel Recycled Collection

After many months of hard work and testing we have achieved socks of the highest quality so, we are sure that we will continue to expand our collections in this new material, recycled cotton. 
“Thunders Love Team”

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