HELEN COLLECTION Blackberry Love Socks

  • Our Blackberry Love socks are made with recycled blend cotton of many colours. We produce original and resistant threads from a mixture technique that combine multicolor yarns to create a new color fusion. 

    In addition, we divided the sock in three stripes with different chromatic combination to create unique looks. Yellow Love represents passion and character. As such, in the upper yarn mix prevail a Blackberry color.In the mid highlights a mixture of white, green and  blackberry color and finally we choose a contrast combination of Yellow and Red. 

  • - Eco-friendly product

    - 100% recycled cotton socks

    - Multicoloured construction

    - Fashionable look

    - Perfect fit without pressure

    - Finely ribbed knit

    - Durability and resistance

  • - Recycled cotton 90%
    - Polyamide 8%
    - Elastane 2%

Helen Collection: multicolour yarn craft for ladies socks

We present our first line for ladies. Helen collection features a multicolour yarn craft construction which represents women's passion, power and cheerfulness. They are available in four different models ready to satisfy all kind of tastes. 

We focus all our efforts to create a unique multicolour yarn craft. In order to for get it we use a multicoloured cotton-blend technique. This process consists in mixing different yarns to develop a resistance and thick thread with amazing and originals colours.

In addition, we divided the sock in three stripes with different color combination for all styles. The most classic woman can wear, for instance, Green Love model which combine discrete colors like green and gray. Meanwhile, more sophisticated styles can choose Pink Love : it is line has a bold chromatic composition. 

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