• Thunders Love Wool Dupled Ribbed Pink Socks
  • Thunders Love Wool Dupled Ribbed Pink Socks

WOOL COLLECTION Dupled Ribbed Pink Socks

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 Thunders Love Wool Dupled Ribbed Pink Socks are made with a lambswool in a mixed yarn pink & grey,  with a contrast on the tip and the upper part in Grey. This Yarn stand out because it warmth and comfortability. The leg of the sock is ribbed Knitted getting with this a perfect adjust of the sock. The Ribbed is double,  it has one rib narrow and the other one width.

ADVANTAGES; Finely ribbed knit, Perfect fit, Skin-friendly, Lambswool construction, Maximum comfort.

- 68% Recycled Wool

- 25% Polyamide

- 5% Other Fibers

- 2% Elastane