by Manuel Taboada Nogueira


With the intention of satisfying our customers, Thunders Love presents Helen collection, our first line for women's socks.


This new line features up to four different models available from size 36 to 39: Pink Love, Blue Love, Brown Love and Green Love. Together, they represent a special collection which announces the spring fall with bold colours and recycled cotton yarns to create an authentic look. 


Thunders Love Brown Love Socks  

In our way of achieving the authenticity, we have placed such special emphasis on the chromatic composition of the socks, creating new colors from a new weaving technique called intarsia. This consists of the interlacing of finer threads of different colors with the aim of creating a unique and thicker thread that presents an exclusive pigmentation with different shades of colours. 


The Pink Love model is a multi-coloured construction with passion and cheerfulness; Brown Love contrasts the presence of a blue palette with the warmth of yellows and reds; Green Love stands out for its sobriety and elegance, mixing kindred colors such as green, yellow and grey; at last but not least, Blue Love model uses a palette of colors where the pale blue combine with the warmth of red and yellow. 


The desire to create a unique composition does not leave aside our priority to work the sock's architecture to create a product of the highest quality. In fact of that Helen Collection presents the traditional elastic fit on the upper part of the sock to ensure a pressure-free hold. We have also chosen to use the same material from our Recycled Collection: recycled cotton. The leftovers of cotton from the textile industry do not require water for its production and do not contain chemicals such as chlorine, which are very harmful to the environment.