• Thunders Love Link Grey Socks
  • Thunders Love Link Grey Socks


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Our Grey socks are made of high quality Egyptian cotton. We work the design of the knit in the traditional way, executing the garment in a double cylinder machine. With this technique we focus all efforts on sock architecture, creating delicate and soft textures.

In order to do so, we get a soft and quilted fabric on the sole and an original knit craft in the rest of the sock. We get this texture combination because of each cylinder knits in opposite direction. Furthermore, we put special emphasis on colour selection, keeping the classic spirit of this knit craft. In this way, these socks are perfect for fashionable and casual looks, especially to wear with formal shoes. 

ADVANTAGES; High quality Egyptian cotton, Skin-friendly and soft, Optimum durability, Pilling resistance, Unique knit combination, Thermal adaptability, Finely ribbed knit, Fashionable classic look.

- Egyptian Cotton 96%
- Polymide 3%
- Elastane 1%