Seamless socks created by traditional technique of hand-linking

by Magdalena Annese

There is nothing else like feeling in your hand the texture of a seamless garment, especially if they are socks. Yes, we talk about the bulbous raised seam produced by the automatic joining of two long fabric sides, sometimes so thick and rough.

Hand linking is a old technique where the craftsperson matches every single stitch that is sewn together to close the toe of the sock. In recent times many companies like Thunders Love were able to rehabilitate some hand-linking machines. Unlike those automated machines, these one work manually thanks to the skill of expert hosiers.

Experts hosiers recovering the artisan craft of hand linking

Hand-linking is a traditional method used by expert hosiers since the earliest of dressmaking history, around 1800 when circular knitting machine was invented. This machine created a uncompleted sock that required to finished the sock stitch by stitch and row by row.

seamless socks finish by hand-linking

As a laborious process that requires craftspeople and much more time when compared to automated joining process used by most sock brands, this technique have fallen into disuse from mass production.

Nowadays, almost all socks companies used the ‘rosso' way to finished their garments. They use  automatic linker machines, which reduce costs and production time. This type of machines essentially join the two ends of the open sock with cheap nylon. In this way, this system provide the toe of sock a seam with a lot of remaining material.

Comfortable seamless sock with multiple benefits

Traditional seamed socks can irritate or chafe leading to discomfort or pain, especially for sensitive feet that are at risk of pressure sores and rubbing. Then, seamless socks are beneficial to most delicate feet, especially for diabetics persons and people with circulatory problems. However they also are suitable for anyone who want to keep his feet protected and pressures-free.

For it, Thunders Love decided to recovered this traditional hand-linking technique and created two large collections of seamless socks: Bohemian Style and Nautical Turn. In this way, at this time is still possible create a traditional and superior sock inspired by heritage.