Fashionable striped knit socks linked to high quality production

by Magdalena Annese

In our constant desire to create high quality socks in the traditional way, we have decided to expand our Link Collection. However, this time we opted to leave the unicolour composition aside and produce a new striped line. Despite this, we are keeping the hallmark of the Link collection, which is the use of high quality Egyptian cotton to produce a unique texture composition. 

High quality socks by virtue of Egyptian cotton 

Egyptian cotton stands out as one of the highest quality and durable materials on the market. The yarns obtained from this plant fibre are much thinner, softer and more resistant than traditional cotton. Consequently, it is possible to create durable socks that prevent holes appearing.
In addition, the production of Egyptian cotton socks needs a higher thread density. This condition is essential to create a soft and delicate texture that prevents pills forming on a fabric surface. 

Striped knitted socks produced in traditional way

The qualities of this extraordinary material are combined with a production process that takes care over every detail. We use double cylinder machines that work to create different textures. In this way, we obtain a soft and quilted fabric in the sole and an original knit craft in the rest of the sock. We get this texture combination by knitting each yarn in opposite directions. 


We have designed four different models paying special attention to knit craft. As a result, we have created a unique and delicate knitted geometric composition, getting a sock which give the socks layered texture. This kind of knitting is a slow painstaking process, but it created a product of great beauty and quality.

Fashionably knit socks for classic and dress looks

The Link collection focuses its efforts on chromatic selection. In this second line we decided to give up the unicolor composition and to mix a main colour with beige. It brings sobriety and understated naturalness because it is the original tonality of the cotton itself.

We combine beige with other block colours, giving them elegance and timelessness. Our Striped Blue Socks present stripes with a dark blue from marine inspiration. It is perfect for fashionable looks or also to combine with nautic shoes and jeans. Our Striped Green Socks combine dark green and beige to create an elegant and subtle design. 

On the other hand, Thunders Love Striped Brown Socks mixes brown and beige to create a fashionable look of rustic inspiration. Finally, our Striped Mustard Socks represent the most trendy and bold sock of the Link collection. They combine mustard and beige stripes ready to make a splash with brown dress shoes, like Paraboots.