by Manuel Taboada Nogueira

Traditionally, sock industry focuses all the efforts to created padded socks for sports activities. Nevertheless foot comfort it is essential every time, whether because we wear boots, sneakers or dress shoes. 

However, the most demanding people are not willing to sacrifice style for coziness. Obviously, we cannot wear a Danner boots or Grenson dress shoes with a typical white sports socks. In fact of that, Thunders Love presents Blend Collection, a line that created padded socks paying special attention to design and color composition. 

 Thunders Love padded socks

100% recycled cotton to created reliable padded socks

To provide maximum comfort, wool reinforcements are not necessary inside the sock because they cause an excessive weight and sweating. Considering this, we select recycled cotton as the main material. In addition to being soft, thick and padded, this material is respectful with the environment. It does not contain chemical products or use water for its production. 

Recycled cotton cover the 90% of the sock, an amount that represents up to four times more the quantity of cotton present in conventional socks. 

Blend Collection features up to four different models that guarantee a firm hold without pressure. This was possible thanks to they are knitted in ribbed to get an ergonomic fit.


Blend colors yarns to create unique looks 

This line mixes different colors yarns with the aim of creating a perfect and unique look for any occasion. 


Padded Socks Thunders Love

Thunders Love Blend Orange socks uses a palette of warm colors like yellow, light brown, white and orange. These colors merger is flawless to wear brown boots and give it a personal touch. However, if you prefer a more sober and elegant looks, Thunders Love Blend Green is your choice. This socks combine four different colors: blue, beige and two green shades: one light and other dark. This color combination creates an organic product design.

For the most exuberant and bold styles, Thunders Love presents Blend Red socksIt uses vibrant colors like red and orange that harmonize with less strong shades like white or blue. Lastly, but not least, Thunders Love Blend Brown combine four complementary colors that transmit energy and character. These are yellow, burgundy, white and blue.

In this way, Blend Collection shows without any doubt that padded socks for colorful and unique looks are possible.