How I wear my Selvedge Denim? Your socks and shoes hold the key

by Magdalena Annese

If you are a lover of well made things, you surely know what it is Selvedge Denim. Otherwise, you can check our previous article, where we told the history about Selvedge Denim. It is a clear example of quality, craftsmanship and heritage. For it, it is necessary to combine this piece with garments that fit its ethics and values.

The socks’ subject is solve thanks to Thunders Love, while regarding shoes we find a greater diversity:  Danner, Red Wing, Visvim, Grenson... With so many options it is logical to be a little lost, so we suggest you several possible combinations. But remember, you never set your style aside.

Business style with Selvedge Denim

Geometric sock by Bohemian Style 

If something has become clear in recent years is that the dress formal code does not necessarily require a suit to be appropiate, elegant and sober. A combination of Selvedge Denim, dress shoes, refined socks, plain shirt and blazer is able to create a business oufit suitable for every men who wants to risk with a smarter look.

Our Link Collection is our best line for this classic styles, but is not the only one. We choose these Keruoak socks from Bohemian Style for two reasons. Burgundy is perfect to match with navy colour of Selvedge Denim and its geometric composition creates a great combination with block colored shirt and blazer. However if you choose a printed shirt (maybe with stripes or squares) do not make your outfit more “noisy” and select block coloured socks, like Bordeaux socks of Link Collection.

Streetwear style

Sneakers and Recycled socks by Thunders Love, free streetwear style

Your sneakers are meant for more than just the gym these days. Now-days people want to be as comfortable as possible while also looking good, so sneakers of every colours and styles have crowded the streets. With so many options it is impossible to set rules, the most important is make good “plays” of colours and prints. The casual clothes are made to express yourself, so do not be shy!

Indie style

Link socks by Thunders Love, Vintage shoes by Yuketen and Selvedge Denim

Selvedge Denim, vintage knit socks by Thunders Love and craftsman shoes by Yuketen. This outfit is the best way to express your Indie Style. These three garments are the expression of tradition, passion and dedication. Their designs are inspired by heritage and their production is linking to quality and sustainability.

"Cowboy" Style

Red wing boots and Thunders love socks by Forest Collection

Every cowboy needs boots. Especially if these are Red Wing boots that better fit your feet thanks to Forest socks by Thunders Love. With this look you can show your more rustic and adventurous side. You can match them with the typical plaid shirt or risk a little more by adding more navy with a denim jacket.