• Our True Green socks are made from a careful selection of recycled cotton. These socks are the expression of the fight against the pollution which affects our leafy and rich vegetation. The indiscriminate deforestation, the trade of species, the constant desertification… any alteration in our ecosystem causes an irreparable imbalance in nature, which acts as a harmonious whole.

    In fact, we chose dark beige on the outside, representing the ground and the wood from the trees. However, we selected green and light blue inside, which can be glimpsed from outside.

  • - Eco-friendly product

    - 100% recycled cotton 

    - Multicoloured yarn craft

    - Unique design 

    - Beautiful glimpsed effect 

    - Finely ribbed knit to get perfect fit

    - Durability and resistance

  • - Recycled Cotton 90%
    - Polyamide 8%
    - Elastane 2%

Recycled Collection: sustainable socks produced by unique way

 The Recycled Collection is our first line of recycled cotton. This material is used to create original and sustainable socks produced by unique production way. We developed our own technique to create a veiling effect of original appearance.

Thanks to this collection our commitment for an organic production it is extended to a careful selection of eco-friendly material. 

Recycled Cotton from factories

The cotton we use is recycled from offcuts from factories that would otherwise be sent to landfills. This recycling process is particularly environmentally friendly because no dye or harmful chemicals meed to be used. This is because offcuts are separated into differing colors at source. It avoids harvesting new cotton, using more dye or using any other harmful chemicals.

Consequently, it helps to protect the environment by saving energy and production as well as using materials that may otherwise have been abandoned to landfills.

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