Recovering traditional dressmaking techniques: all the jacquard beauty in a pair of socks

by Magdalena Annese

In our commitment to recovering ancient dressmaking techniques inspired by heritage, we use a special and traditional knitting call Jacquard. This fabric owes its name to Joseph-Marie Jacquard, a French who invented in 1804 the system of perforated cards which allowed a loom to weave patterns and not just plain cloth.

By definition, Jacquard is a system to create an intricate pattern woven at the same time that the garment is being manufactured. In this way, it is possible create prints through the mixture of threads of different colors, thicknesses and materials. Very often, if you look at the back of the garment, you can found long floats; these are threads used to produce the pattern and tell you that you are dealing with jacquard.

Traditional fabric used for all types of clothes and home designs

Since its discovery, Jacquard technique has been used for the manufacture of multiple garments: ties, jackets, pants, ribbons, socks etc., as well as for home decoration: curtains, cushions or even bed linen.

Blue jacquard socks made from Egyptian cotton

On the other hand, the variety of patterns and colours is unlimited. From classic geometric designs like stripes, rhombus and squares to floral motifs and conversational themes. In addition, with this knitting any yarn can be used: cotton, silk, wool, linen or even blend. The beauty of this type of knit is in its ability to interlace hundreds of warp threads to create unique designs.

Cotton Jacquard to produce durable and lightweight socks

Cotton jacquard is one of natural jacquard options that bring the best properties of cotton fabrics to fashion garments. We use it to create original, colourful and geometric socks with incredible characteristics: Our Bohemian Style.

We carried out an intensive research process to find the perfect match between design and chromatic composition. Thanks to Jacquard we have opted for symmetrical patterns with precise figures like rhombus or stripes. However, we wanted to break this regularity thanks to the fusion of different forms and the use of bold colours.

In addition we use finest Egyptian cotton to created these socks. For it, this fabric is specially lightweight and has a soft finish, which makes it a perfect match for summer time.