Get on board to the navy style thanks to vintage striped socks from Nautical Turn

by Magdalena Annese

Summer-Fall is already here so it is time to look inside the wardrobe and look for summer oufits. Thunders Love helps you to define your summer style thanks to Nautical Turn, a vintage striped socks line inspired by the sea, the sailing world and our Atlantic coast.

Nautical Turn features four different vintage designs of navy inspiration, a style that returns to the streets every summer. Their colours and classical designs represent the spirit of this style emerged in 1837, when the Queen Victoria was crowned in England. That year the Queen founded The Royal Navy, which started to wear a uniform to distinguish official sailors and fishermen. While naval officers wore plain colours, sailors without elevated rank wore blue and white striped T-shirts in case one of them fell into the sea.

Seamless socks that turning back to traditional production 

As we inspire our designs in old trends, we also seek to create them through a production system that respects the quality and integrity of the garment. In this way, our expert hosiers develop an artisan craft of hand linking, sewing the seam toe stitch by stitch. As such, we obtain a reinforced tip sock that is comfort and skin-friendly. 

Nautical Turn by Thunders Love

This technique allows us to create more durable socks, a property that is also guaranteed by high quality Egyptian cotton. This plant fibre prevents pills forming on a fabric surface and respects body temperature. In this way it is an ideal sock to wear in summer because it guarantee transpiration feet. Last but not lest, we also introduce elastic in all the sock to provide maximum comfort without pressure.

Vintage striped socks with its own DNA 

This collection is made from passion and dedication. Every pair has its own inspiration and its particular story. We created two models completely covered by thick horizontal stripes and others two with only three thin lines in the upper part of the sock. 

Our Madison Socks are the expression of Madison, the capital of Wisconsin. It is a city surrounded by blue lakes where a lot of water sports are practiced. For it, we chose two types of this colour to created its chromatic composition, covering the entire sock with thick horizontal stripes in navy and light blue tones. Finally we used a vibrant red in the tip and the heel, getting the striped sock a vibrant touch.

From Madison we travel to Riveira, a little village from Atlantic Coast. There we took inspiration by the name of a small boat of the 70´s to created our Belmont socks. We design a similar composition, replacing the blue tones for the gray ones.

Our Saturday Socks invite us to immerse yourself on a walk near the sea early in the morning. We created a basic chromatic composition using grey as dominant colour, while we decorate the upper part of the socks with three stripes in navy. Besides we that also introduce a black ribbed cuff and red details. 

Finally we create our Old Port Socks, that represent a traditional navy design inspired by the pass of the time. We chose beige as main colour to give the sock an old effect. We completed the design using the three flagship colours of this style: navy, white and red. In the upper part we introduce a black ribbed cuff followed by three lines, two red and one in the middle thicker and blue. We complete the designs with some datáis in a aged red.