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BOHEMIAN STYLE Kippenberg Socks

BOHEMIAN STYLE Kippenberg Socks

  • Martin Kippenberg was an influential German artist whose taste for mischief made him the center of a generation of terrible German enfants, neoexpressionism or Neue Wilde emerged in the 1960s and early 1970s in Germany as a reaction against minimalism and conceptual art, although our designs of socks have a geometric design we want to pay tribute to this movement that we are passionate about and is part of our sources of inspiration.
    Kippenberg socks have horizontal lines in two different thicknesses of turquoise blue, burgundy and green above a natural color made in high quality Egyptian cotton.
  • -Reinforced heel and tiptoe
    -Mesh insertion for better breathability
  • -Combed cotton 96%
    -Polyamide 3%
    -Elastane 1%


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