• Our Belmont socks are inspired by the name of a small boat of the 70´s. It was built of wood in a small carpentry of Riveira to the shores of the Atlantic. As such, we created a completely covered sock by thick horizontal stripes in dark and light gray tones.

    We complete the design with a chromatic detail in the tip and in the heel, getting them a vibrant orange touch. Besides that, we use Egyptian cotton to create a soft, delicate and resistant texture. We also introduce elastic in all the socks getting a perfect fit and our hosiers finish the garment by hand to get a seamless sock. 

  • - High quality Egyptian cotton

    - Hand-linked toe 

    - Skin-friendly cotton

    - Optimum durability 

    - Pilling resistance

    - Excellent perspiration 

    - Perfect fit thanks to elastic in all the sock 

    - Fashionable summer look

  • -Egyptian combed cotton 96%.
    -Polyamide 3%.
    -Elastane 1%.

Nautical Turn: high striped socks for unmistakable summer look

Nautical Turn is our high striped sock line inspired by the sea, in the sailing world and in our Atlantic coast.

Every summer there are a classic style that always return, it is the striped look from marine inspiration. In this way, we developed a original striped design that keep the classic spirit of this kind of socks. We created two different models, one of that it is completely cover of thick stripes. Otherwise, the second one only present three thin and elegant lines in the upper part of the sock. 

Besides that, we created a delicate chromatic composition that combine different block colours like gray, beige and blue. This design is completed by a vibrant coloured detail in the tip and in the heel, getting them an orange or red touch. 

Durable and seamless socks

 We have designed four different vintage models with high quality Egyptian cotton, that is a resistant material. As a result we create a durable sock that prevent pills forming on the fabric surface.

To provide maximum comfort, our hosiers match every single stitch that is sewn together to close the toe of the sock, making the seam disappear. We also introduce elastic in all the sock to guarantee a perfect fit with our pressure.

Besides that, the fibre of Egyptian cotton is much thinner that conventional cotton, so we need a higher thread density. This condition is essential to create a soft and delicate texture that respect body temperature. In this way, we obtain a sock that will be warm in winter and refreshing in summer.

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