• Our Black socks in Collaboration with Guidi are made of recycled cotton. We work the design of the knit in the traditional way, executing the garment in a double cylinder machine. With this technique we focus all efforts on sock architecture, creating delicate and soft textures.

    In order to do so, we get a soft and quilted fabric on the sole and an original knit craft in the rest of the sock. We get this texture combination because of each cylinder knits in opposite direction. Furthermore, we put special emphasis on colour selection, keeping the classic spirit of this knit craft. In this way, these socks are perfect for fashionable and casual looks, especially to wear with formal shoes. 

  • - High quality Egyptian cotton

    - Skin-friendly and soft 

    - Optimum durability 

    - Pilling resistance

    - Unique knit combination

    - Thermal adaptability

    - Finely ribbed knit

    - Fashionable classic look

  • - Recycled Cotton 90%
    - Polyamide 8%
    - Elastane 2%

Link Collection: High quality Egyptian cotton to create unique knit

In our search to develop high quality socks, we created the Link Collection from Egyptian cotton. We submit this line to a delicate production process that pay attention to every detail. In this way, we can play with sock architecture and design a unique texture combination.

Link Collection is our line with the widest range of products, counting a total of ten different elegant knit socks. They represent the sobriety and elegance of classic styles, also they are examples of production in the traditional way.

Elegant knit socks inspired by classic looks

For the first models we create a unicolor and delicate knit craft. As such, we use flat colours like the pale green, beige, pale blue, brown, navy or bordeaux. Our intention is to keep the classic spirit of this kind of socks and give it elegance and timelessness.

For our second line, we proposed to create knit striped socks, keeping the sobriety and classic style. As such, we choose colours like blue, brown, green and mustard that we combine with beige, because it represents the nature of cotton itself. In addition, we focus our work on sock structure, creating an original knit design with soft and geometric relief.  

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