Multicoloured ankle socks for fashionable summer looks

by Manuel Taboada Nogueira

Thunders Love improves his Blend Collection with a new multicoloured ankle socks line for fashionable looks that do not sacrifice your comfort. Summer Fall 2018 is coming and also the need to keep your feet fresh and dry. Indeed, we produced a joyful and soft collection suitable to wear with a classic summer style: sneakers and shorts.

The Ankle Blend Collection features four different models in multicoloured cotton yarns. We created distinctive and bold chromatic composition to satisfy all tastes. Besides that, they are ribbed knitted to get an ergonomic fit. Thanks to that we avoid the sock slipping inside the shoe which causes rubbing on the heels.  

Thunders Love Blend ankle socks red100% Recycled cotton sock to improve absorbency

Cotton socks are the best option to summer time because it has many favourable properties. It is soft to skin, breathable, resistant and it has good absorbency. Indeed, cotton is able to absorb up to 27 times its own weight. In this way you will ensure that your feet have the necessary transpiration. 

In our search to create well-made products inspired by heritage, we produce a sock whose composition is 90% cotton. This amount represents up to four times more the quantity of cotton present in conventional socks. As such, we have followed the traditional way investing in natural fiber and reducing the presence of artificial fibers like nylon and elastane.

Furthermore we developed a careful and craftsman production process. We use a wide gauge of sewing machines that previously mix different yarns to create a single multicoloured thread. From this thread we produce the sock paying special attention to every detail of sock architecture. 

Thunders Love Blend ankle socks, red, brown, green, orangeOriginal chromatic composition to create colourful cotton blend ankle socks

Our Thunders Love Blend Red Ankle Socks are made with a multicoloured blend yarns in four different colours: orange, red, white and blue. This combination full of passion and joy is perfect to wear with pale colours sneakers, like beige or white. The contrast of these shades of colours will make your shoes stands out. 

On the other hand we created Blend Orange Ankle Socks made from earth colours blended yarns. They are the expression of the beach, the sand and the sunbeam that we desire to enjoy every summer. In this way, we use yarns in four different colours: yellow, light brown, white and orange.

In addition to these colourful and funny compositions we produced others two other models with a more sober and discreet appearance. Our Blend Brown Ankle Socks present a mix from four different colour yarns: yellow, burgundy, white and blue. This combination transmits energy and character representing the vitality that we all have in summer. The presence of burgundy colour make it a perfect look to wear with sneakers and denim shorts. 

Finally, the Blend Green Ankle Socks is our more classic model style. They present a sober chromatic composition by multicoloured blend yarn in four colours: blue, beige, green light and green dark. This combination shows that fashionable summer looks do not necessarily have to be vibrant and bold.