John Kennedy: a men who created his own style dressing by the feet

by Magdalena Annese

Everybody remembers John Kennedy. Not only for his political leadership and his overpowering personality, either for his tragic murder at the age of 46. The 35th President of the United States is also remembered for becoming a world fashion icon, creating a unique style that is still present in our society these days.

Kennedy was the youngest president of his country, only behind Theodore Roosevelt, an older appearance men with an outdated style. This fact was reflected in his elegant, but at the same time sporty style, more youthful  compared to his predecessors. An impeccable and casual style that transmitted his confidant and relaxed style in all areas of his life. From work commitments to family holidays.

Discreet but fashionable style influenced by Jackie Kennedy

It is rumored that before his marriage to Jacqueline Bouvier in 1953, JFK was a disheveled man who cared absolutely nothing about trendy. He was raised in a large family that spent much of its time sailing and playing sports, so he was used to dress simply: white or pale blue T-shirts, shorts and boat shoes. As a young man he was notorious for his personal disorder. Even his boarding-school roommates complained of his messiness, particularly with clothes. 

Kennedy created a new style with striped socks

All this changed thanks to Jackie Kennedy, a woman with an exquisite taste in fashion. She knew better than anyone how to choose each oufit according to each situation, that is “dress for the role”. With Jackie’s guidance, Kennedy’s style evolved into a world of simplicity and elegance. 

The John Kennedy's wardrobe: his fascinating and iconic striped socks

An exhibition at the J.F. Kennedy bookstore in Boston tours the president's wardrobe that represented the "American aristocracy" and shows replicas of his most typical clothes.

For the gala dinners and formal events JFK would go to the tailor and it would show. He always wore faultless and discreet thanks to a tailcoat, a tuxedo or a two-button suit coat. People have said it was because he wore a back brace, but maybe he knew it simply looked more elegant and slimming. He would wear this oufit with high black or blue socks but hardly ever he wore hats. Despite this, he sometimes committed a faux-pas like wearing a jacket with broken buttons or pairing short socks with formal suits.

Kennedy style: formal and sporty according the situation

Regarding his more informal style, boarding a boat or relaxing in his home, Kennedy would like wear pullovers, Brooks Brothers T-shirts, American Optical sunglasses and his awesome striped socks. These lastly became an icon around the world and different socks brands have since reproduced this simple but particular design.

Thunders Love pays special tribute to Kennedy's style with two vintage socks decorated with these characteristics stripes. They reflect the simplicity and the maritime world of JFK, that's why they are included in Nautical Turn.