• Thunders Love Helen Pink Socks
  • Thunders Love Helen Pink Socks
  • Thunders Love Helen Pink Socks


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Our Brown Love socks are made with recycled blend cotton of many colours. We produce original and resistant threads from a mixture technique that combine multicolor yarns to create a new color fusion. 

In addition, we divided the sock in three stripes with different chromatic combination to create unique looks. As such, in the upper yarn mix prevail a elegant and sober blue palette. In the mid highlights the warmth of Earth colours like brown, beige, yellow and orange. Finally we choose a vibrant pink and red combination on the tip. 

ADVANTAGES; Eco-friendly product, 100% recycled cotton socks, Multicoloured construction, Fashionable look, Perfect fit without pressure, Finely ribbed knit, Durability and resistance.

Recycled cotton 90%
Polyamide 8%
Elastane 2%