Thunders Love HEMP COLLECTION Green Socks, are ribbed knitted with the upper part in a contrast color with a stripe in this case are green sock with upper part navy and the stripe in White.

The use of hemp in textile production represents several health benefits and it is part of the Slow Living philosophy. It has a stable molecular structure that reduces static electricity giving making it antiallergic, antimicrobial and antifungal products. It has been proven to inhibit the appearance of bacteria such as E. Coli and Candida Auris.

Hemp also has ultraviolet protection properties.
It is a breathable and comfortable material, especially when mixed with other materials such as silk or wool. Environmentally, the use of hemp is a very sustainable matter. Its cultivation is responsible and contributes to biodiversity, it does not need synthetic herbicides and pesticides.

When compared to other materials, hemp production uses 75% less water than cotton and 1 hectare of hemp produces the same amount of natural fiber as 4 hectares of eucalyptus fiber.


44% Wool, 28% Polyester, 24% Hemp, 4% Silk


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