• Our Bohemian Kelly Socks are madre from high quality Egyptian cotton by traditional production process. On a natural background are defined broken lines of colors: light blue, mustard, garnet and emerald green. 

    This irregular lines create a original and vintage composition, which it is inspired by books from the mid last century. Forms markedly outlined, painted in vivid colors, space and color in the architecture that surrounds it, result in a model of marked abstract style. 

  • - High quality Egyptian cotton

    - Skin-friendly and soft cotton

    - Hand-linked toe 

    - Optimum durability 

    - Pilling resistance

    - Perfect fit without pressure 

  • -Combed cotton 96%
    -Polyamide 3%
    -Elastane 1%


BOHEMIAN STYLE: vintage knit socks finished off by hand

The bohemian style is our more vintage knit socks collection for being the expression of high quality and traditional production process. This is because we used a careful and laborious work to create exclusive garments through traditional way. 

Traditional knit design

We have started from create geometric designs of vintage knitting books from the mid last century. Then, we have worked in the selection of highest quality Egyptian cotton, which has softer and more resistant yarns. Besides that, its harvesting process is more natural and careful than conventional cotton.

Finally, we produce the socks using traditional wide gauge machines with 96 needles. In addition, we work to do hand-linked pressure-free toe seams, thus providing maximum comfort. 

Geometric composition socks inspired by illustrious characters

The geometric designs of vintage knitting books from the mid last century inspire this collection. We carried out an intensive research process to find those dressmaking designs and chromatic compositions suitable for this collection. 

We have opted for symmetrical designs with precise figures like rhombus, or stripes. However, at the same time, we wanted to break this regularity thanks to the fusion of different forms and the use of bold colours. Moreover, this designs had to be representative of different old generation artists and writers whom we wanted to pay tribute. Characters from the Beat Generation, extravagant artists and prolific musicians or writers were our inspiration source. Neil Cassady, Martin Kippenberger or Jack Kerouac are some of them. 

On the other hand we also have been inspired by movements like the minimalism, the abstractism or the hippie movement. In addition we reserve our own tribute to nature. The leaves that fall in autumn and the Mexican plant called Maguey have also served as inspiration and had their particular design.

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